Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

‘Hi Kerin, I wanted to thank you for the reading… everything was so accurate! I’m certain I will be seeing you again! Kim’. England.

‘Many thanks, Kerin! You are awesome!’ Layla. USA.

‘You’re phenomenal!!” M.Z. Bahrain.

‘I would just like to say that was the best reading I have ever had, you were so spot on with the messages…’ D.A. UK.

KerinWebbBournemouthCafe2017Hello. I’m Kerin Webb and I work as a clairvoyant psychic/medium from my home in the New Forest, England. I provide readings to callers all around the world by phone, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp.  If you’d like to arrange a reading with me you can phone me on 01392 580680 or use this PayPal button to buy your reading now.

My Background

During my career I’ve been interviewed about my work at length, including twice on BBC Radio Solent as well as on Bournemouth’s Hot Radio and Forest FM. I also appeared several times on the esoteric Internet Radio show called The Spirit Guides. Articles about my psychic experiences have appeared in Chat It’s Fate Magazine and Take A Break’s Fate & Fortune Magazine. Alongside presenting one-to-one readings I also offer group presentations of mediumship and psychic readings.

Types Of Readings

I work with my primary spirit guide, Aurora, to provide the following readings:

  • Clairvoyant Psychic Readings,
  • Mediumship Readings,
  • Past Life Readings.

All of my readings are evidence-based. This means that with the support of my spirit guides, very specific evidence is provided to me, for you, without you having to tell me anything in advance about yourself, your life circumstances or even why you’re calling. Spirit tells me everything I need to know to provide a reading for you. You’re welcome to ask questions, of course, but you will quite likely be pleasantly surprised by how much Spirit will share with you… without you having to tell me anything, or ask.

If you want helpful information from Spirit about a relationship, work situation or house move in all likelihood Spirit will address everything of relevance. If you’re hoping to receive evidence of survival from departed loved ones, my experience is that most often this is possible. If you have an interest in reincarnation and past lives, we can look into this subject with the support of Spirit too. If you are happy with a mixture of messages from departed loved ones and helpful information about your day-to-day life, the chances are that Spirit will tailor the reading to match your interest.

How Does It Work?

The scientific evidence gathered by research at the University of Arizona, by Professor Gary Schwartz and in the UK by Professor Archie Roy indicates that psychic readings occur as a direct result of a mind to mind connection between the psychic/medium and various helpful spirit beings. Professor Schwartz’s research in fact indicated odds of 100 trillion to one against chance, during his studies of the powers of some of America’s most well-known mediums, whilst Professor Archie Roy’s similar independent research generated odds of a million million to one against chance. This amounts to stunning scientific evidence in support of the existence of the powers of psychic/mediums. Of course, anyone who has ever had a reading with a good accurate psychic/medium doesn’t need to read about the research to know that benevolent spirits can make contact with us from time to time. The details provided by the psychic/medium will demonstrate this due to the accuracy and timeliness of the messages, but it is helpful to know that science supports the authenticity of the process.

Distance – No Object!

Psychic readings are then, made possible with the support of benevolent spirit guides, such as my guide, Aurora, who helps me in my work as a reader. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the same room as me when receiving a reading, or if you’re on the other side of the world, calling me by phone, or Skype, because the information is provided to me for you by Spirit and Spirit isn’t bound by time and space. People call me here in England from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa… even from time to time from some of the pacific islands too. Distance really is no object, where the Spirit World is concerned!

My main website is located at where you can read more about my work and see some of the many testimonials I’ve received from happy callers.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions before buying a reading, feel free to email me or call me to enquire about availability, etc. You can phone me on (UK) 01392 580680, or email me using . I look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to buy a reading now, use this PayPal Visa/Mastercard button. PayPal will automatically process your payment and notify me and I will respond quickly to arrange a convenient time with you to provide your reading.


Here are a few anonymised examples of snippets of the kind of evidence that can come through in readings, which I’ve copied from my Facebook page, for inclusion here. They include mediumship, spirit guides, relationship issues, work topics and more.


This made me smile. At the start of a reading the first message I received was to be drawn to highlight Elton John and Kiki Dee. In reply my client told me that Kiki Dee used to live in a flat above her!

PCOS. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Gosh! When doing a reading for a woman today I told her that Spirit was highlighting polycystic ovary syndrome. In reply she told me that she herself has PCOS! We both marvelled at the accuracy of Spirit. It was stunning. I have no idea what percentage of women have PCOS but the specificity of the message was remarkable by any standard. (Spirit had lots of other helpful information to share about meaningful events in her life too.)

Oh my God! Are you serious!!!?

In a recent reading, amongst other things I mentioned to a caller that Spirit was highlighting that she’d recently had an x-ray, was taking antibiotics, that she had had a ‘blunt’, direct conversation with Spirit whilst she was driving a car… and that Spirit was higlighting the teddy bear. She replied by saying she’d just had a 3D x-ray and that she was on antibiotics, adding that the conversation in the car happened days ago and that she had been reminiscing with the white teddy bear that she’d bought for her partner, in the last few days. Spirit added other meaningful evidence, with encouraging information about her relationship in particular. When I mentioned the teddy bear to her she exclaimed: “Oh my God! Are you serious!!!?”

A Reunion Is Just Around The Corner!

I did a follow-up reading for someone I read for recently, about five weeks ago. Today and in the reading we did a few weeks ago, in answer to a specific question she had regarding a hoped for reunion Spirit told me to say that the resolution to the issue was: “Just around the corner”. She told me she’d had a reading with another psychic and that in answer to the same question posed by her to the other psychic Spirit had exactly the same answer: “Just around the corner”. How about that! 🙂


I participated in a remarkable past life reading earlier today during which a young British woman had spontaneous past life memories validated by Spirit. She had purchased a past life reading, so I knew of course what her area of interest was, but aside from this I knew nothing about her and I asked her to tell me nothing about herself in advance too. As the reading started quickly Spirit presented images of a life in the USA, it seemed, during the 1940s where she liked Glenn Miller music and dancing with a boyfriend to this music. The boyfriend it appeared went to war in Europe, where he died. Spirit went into lots of detail about this life, including that she married after the loss of her beau and had children, but still always carried a flame for her sweetheart. Along with this detailed life, a brief past life in medieval France was also highlighted. Finally I said Spirit was also showing me someone connected with either Australia or New Zealand. My client asked if she could comment on what had been presented. I said she could and as she did she astounded me. She told me that for years she had had spontaneous past life memories of this life in America that matched detail for detail, making the reading ‘100 per cent accurate’. She also had memories of the medieval life in Europe too. She was overjoyed that Spirit had validated her recollections, putting her mind to rest. These memories had been so strong that she had discussed them with her mother often, including this morning, just before the reading. It was an amazing experience for both of us. PS. She then told me too that she has New Zealand residency and has lived her life between Great Britain and New Zealand.

Her Departed Mother AND Grandmother

A woman phoned for what I think was her first ever reading, telling me she was quite nervous. I explained that it was a pleasant experience, not in the least bit ‘spooky’… then almost immediately her departed mother and grandmother showed up. The grandmother highlighted the dresses she’d made and clothes she’d knitted for her, the hernia she had required surgery for in life – and a model boat. Her mum highlighted a situation involving a wild mouse frightening her and Spirit referenced her brother injuring himself in a go-kart crash. She affirmed the dresses and knitted clothes, the hernia and the model boat (which she had made for her grandmother), the wild mouse, which had run across her mum’s face when she was sleeping, waking her up in a fright and the go-kart crash which almost cost her brother his teeth and for which he had to be taken to a doctor for treatment. More evidence was supplied along with messages of love and support.

Charlie The Octopus, His Departed Father AND His Guardian Angels

A guy phoned and Spirit told me to reference amongst other things a small island or islets, pancakes and syrup, Southern Comfort, an octopus, being on the small boat, and a child’s roundabout. In reply he told me he was phoning me from a small island in an archipelago. This first email he opened today was about pancakes and syrup, he’d watched a video about an octopus called Charlie yesterday evening, he’d recently finished a conversation with a friend who told him about an incident involving Southern Comfort, from his veranda where he sits to have coffee he looks out on a child’s roundabout… and in the moments before he called me this morning he’d been in a small boat, helping his friend take it out onto the water. After demonstrating Spirit’s awareness of his circumstances his departed father came through along with his angels with some inspiring guidance.

Sealed With A Lisp!

A woman called and Spirit addressed the close (very spiritual) relationship she and her partner enjoyed. Spirit told me to highlight a lisp. She laughed and told me that they regularly speak to each other with mock lisps as a joke. She had spoken with him in this way, just before phoning me. Spirit told me to say ‘You are locked in place’ together. In return she told me that he’d told her that they are ‘locked in’, together (meaning inseparable).

He Got The Job

A guy phoned and asked specifically about a job interview he had the next day for a job at a major British telecommunications corporation. Immediately Spirit told me to reply by stating that in actual fact the business was recruiting for several people to fill identical roles, not just one post. He affirmed this was correct, there were 10 posts to be filled. Spirit provided more detailed evidence, indicating he’d in all likelihood do well at the interview. (He got the job.)


During a reading this week a caller asked me to connect with her recently departed father. I agreed to try, adding that I couldn’t guarantee he’d show up and that it would be helpful if she approached the reading allowing for the possibility that other departed loved ones may present themselves instead, or as well as her dad. She agreed to do so. Fortunately though, immediately we started the reading her dad came through with some great evidence. For example, at one point he referred to his ring. In reply the caller told me that he’d asked her to wear his wedding ring on a chain around her neck, which she does. Moments later he referred to one of his belts. In reply, stunned, she told me she was WEARING HIS BELT as we spoke! After validating himself in this manner he then had some heart-warming messages of love for her and her mum.

Loch Ness

This was beautiful. I just completed a reading for a woman whose dad recently passed away. He presented lots of reassuring personal evidence about himself to validate his presence to her during the reading, for example referring to Loch Ness (he’d given his daughter a model Loch Ness Monster) and highlighting aspects of the planned eulogy, etc. As the reading ended I asked him for a final piece of evidence that would stand out. In reply he showed me people walking by what looked like a shore, picking up what looked like either pebbles, or sea glass. I said “I’m not sure whether the sea glass is called “mermaids’ tears”, or “angels’ tears”. In reply she told me that she and her family had visited a beach on Father’s Day, in memory of her dad, during which time they collected some sea glass, which she kept, in her bedroom. He demonstrated that he was lovingly aware of the beach trip commemoration! What a nice way to conclude a reading! 🙂


In another recent reading a woman explained that due to some problems with her knees she was seeking medical treatment and considering various options with specialists and as a result wondered whether Spirit had anything to say on the matter. After explaining that I’m not a doctor or qualified to give medical advice, or a diagnosis or prognosis I opened to Spirit to see if anything of interest would come through, instantly hearing the words “Collagen injection”. Amazed, the woman replied by explaining that one of the doctors she is due to meet specialises in a new technique which involves collagen injections to the knees! On the basis of this spectacular evidence it seemed worthwhile attending an appointment with him.


I was asked to attempt a reading today for a woman whose dad had just passed away. He came through clearly and spectacularly. Amongst much of the evidence he shared he highlighted that just before he passed he’d had dialysis: his daughter confirmed this. He highlighted working on a boat and a lake. She confirmed he’d worked on a boat at Lake Placid. I said he was showing me a ‘clocking on and clocking off’ ID card: she said she had it in her hand as we spoke!!! As the reading progressed he showed me that she had put something belonging to him close to her heart: stunningly she replied by saying she’d just put his photo and the ID card I’d previously mentioned in her bra, on the left side, to be close to her heart as we spoke. Towards the end I said: “He’s telling me to say you’re his angel”, in reply she told me that he used to call her his Angel!!! It was a beautiful, inspiring reading and a blessing to have participated in it.

Watch out Google Maps!

I was speaking to a caller from the USA today, who asked about a guy she’d just met. Amongst other things, as Spirit began to build the link, I was led to say: “Spirit says he travels a lot – to unusual destinations: I’m seeing Machu Picchu (in Peru)”. She replied: “Yes! He just recently returned from Peru!” Unlike Google Maps – Spirit didn’t require any coordinates or postcode. 🙂

Ship Shape And California Fashion!

This was nice. Spirit brought through a recently departed husband to his wife, who was calling me from California. He highlighted a ship, which he’d built meticulously as a model. His wife explained she felt a bit awkward, because he’d asked her to put his ashes in the model ship and put it to sea. She hadn’t been able to part with the ship, because he’d worked on it for so long and it reminded her of him. Anyway, he explained he was glad she’d kept it – he’d changed his mind on the Otherside and liked the fact that she connected with him, through the model ship in this way. Other meaningful events were highlighted : even Micky Mouse ears!, which his wife confirmed they’d bought a set of in the past. His message put her mind at rest over her decision to ‘postpone’ setting the model ship to sea.


I received a lovely testimonial relating to a reading I provided last week. It was a remarkable reading, with departed spirits, and a guardian angel referencing themselves. Detailed evidence was also provided by Spirit about vocational gifts and work, a relationship situation and more. Spirit even said “monochromatic lens” to me, to which my client replied by saying she’d had dealings with a guy who took photos using a special chromatic technique.

Here’s a short excerpt from her kind email: “Hi Kerin, I wanted to write and tell you how extraordinary I found yesterday’s reading…You are a very talented man and I wanted to thank you for all of your support, Kerin – I do appreciate it. Speak again soon. Best”

The Meaning Was Plain

A woman in the USA had a follow-up reading with me. She was keen to tell me that she’d asked about her work prospects with regard to her (then) job search, in a previous reading with me about 6 months ago. She reminded me that Spirit had given good news about her search and at one point had shown lots of planes flying around her at the time too. She didn’t then understand the meaning of the planes, but made a note of the message. Today she told me she has just accepted a new job… working for an AIRLINE in the USA!!! The answer to Spirit’s message 6 months ago was obviously very plain… or is that plane?! Ha ha. 🙂


I explained to a woman caller that Spirit was showing me a nice man in her life. I added that they were saying ‘Happy days’ and presenting an image of Fonzie to me, with his thumbs up, to denote that happy days for her with this man are coming. In reply she told me that this man had proposed to her – dressed as Fonzie!!!

Predicted He’d Come From Wales

This was interesting. Earlier in the week I did a follow-up reading for a woman in which she told me that in a previous reading with me Spirit had indicated she would date a Welshman. Since that reading she has indeed begun dating a Welshman – who speaks Welsh! In this reading I indicated that Spirit was showing me Carmarthen, to which she replied by telling me he was originally from Carmarthen!


This was interesting. In a reading this afternoon I was led to reference Padre Pio around my client. She told me she sleeps with a Padre Pio relic, beside her bed, which was given to her as a gift by her grandmother (it’s a piece of one of his robes).

From Vikings, To Sherlock, Hollywood And Beyond! (minus Buzz Lightyear).

In a very unusual reading a women who has been researching her ancestry extensively for the last 10 years was given lots of validation and thanks by her ancestors. It was a remarkable journey across the centuries together.

As we began, I told her I was seeing Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr version) and hearing the name ‘Sherlock’. Immediately, she laughed a little, saying: ‘You’re spot on! One of my ancestors has the name Shacklock – the name Sherlock is a derivative of Shacklock’. (I’d probably never have understood the name Shacklock even if I had been able to perceive it, so Spirit gave me a visual and auditory representation of a person with a version of the name I am very familiar with: Sherlock.)

Spirit whizzed this way and that in the reading. I could sense around us probably the largest congregation of departed spirits that I’ve ever encountered at one time. It seemed as if all of the relatives she’d identified in her research, going back many hundreds of years were working together to beam evidence through. They told me to reference the shoemaker: in reply she told me the Master Shoemaker who lived in the 1700s was a critical link in her research at one point. Spirit told me to say someone was in Vaudeville, acting: she replied by affirming that one of her ancestors had left Britain and moved to Hollywood and starred in silent movies with CHARLIE CHAPLIN!

I was led to Scotland. Spirit was spot on with a Scottish ancestry connected with Robert The Bruce. Then Spirit led me to The Lake District: where she explained she’d traced a nobel ancestor of the De Clifford family in Cumbria in 1455. The East India Company: another yes! At one point I said something like: ‘This is so far back, it’s unlikely your genealogical research will have revealed this, so you might have to do a DNA test to check this out, because Spirit is identifying a link with Norwegians and Vikings’. I was amazed when she explained that (1) she had traced her lineage to about the year 300 with Norwegian and Viking connections (mentioning someone called King Rollo, though I can’t remember whether she was related to him, or not), (2) she also explained that she had already taken a DNA test which validated this. Judiciary showed up: another yes: Oxford and Cambridge educated. A Psychic family member showed up, who she identify as a recent known relative. Spirit indicated that she herself was drinking too much caffeine and it was making her jittery, causing her problems sleeping: she said this was correct. Spirit even mentioned wine gums – to which she replied by saying that her partner loved wine gums and ‘always has a packet with him’.

Encouragement was given by Spirit about writing in the future: which she affirmed she planned to do. Spirit also informed her that with a bit of training she could develop her own psychic ability. As a wonderful display of gratitude her assembled family members thanked her for recording the family history for posterity and they offered to help her, as much as they’re allowed, with her ongoing research and in her daily life. It was a most unusual, but incredibly inspiring reading.

Tarot Or Psychic Reading: Spirit Gave The Same Evidence!

Work and a relationship figured in one reading today. Spirit highlighted a degree leading to a master’s degree, which my client affirmed was correct, she’d obtained a degree and had just applied for a master’s. Spirit indicated she’d likely do well in the master’s, which encouraged her. Spirit also highlighted a reunion involving someone from far away: in reply she told me she was meeting an old friend tomorrow… who was travelling from Australia! Perhaps the most important message we received, aside from the good news about the master’s degree, was when Spirit addressed a relationship issue. As with all the other evidence, without her raising the subject Spirit told me to say that a relationship had ended recently and that it was unlikely that he would return, because there was someone else for her. Spirit also highlighted classical music, possibly someone who plays an instrument, like a flute. Spirit also told me to say to her that I was being told she had also had a tarot reading with an unconnected (to me) reader on this issue. She affirmed she had recently had a tarot reading, during which the reader said she was sensing the chap she had enquired about wouldn’t be returning, but that a new chap was coming her way who (get this!) would be connected with music! How inspiring for her.

Area 51, The Breastplate of Faith, Pegasus and Elvis!

In a remarkable reading today I was led to mention Area 51, Pegasus, the Breastplate of Faith and… Elvis! Someone in the USA Skyped me for a reading. She told me nothing about herself in advance, on my instruction. The reading started off at lightning fast speed. Her guides were beaming so much information at me so fast I was talking rapidly in order to get it all through. At one point I was led to reference Area 51. She exclaimed ‘You’re the real deal!’. She told me that she’s feeling led to move to live near Area 51, due to some unusual experiences she’s had that have prompted her in this direction. She told me she’d told her guides, just before calling me ‘I’ll know he’s the real deal if you get him to mention Area 51’. She was stunned when I mentioned it, I was stunned when she told me what she’d said to Spirit beforehand. At another point in the reading I said I was seeing Pegasus around her. She replied by telling me she HAS A TATTOO OF PEGASUS! I was also led to use the phrase ‘The Breastplate of Faith’, saying Spirit was telling her to wear ‘The Breastplate of Faith’. She was astounded and told me that she had just recorded a video in which she refers to WEARING THE BREASTPLATE OF FAITH. We were both amazed at the specificity of the evidence being provided by Spirit. At another point I said something along the lines of… ‘They’re now showing me my favourite entertainer, Elvis’, to which she replied by telling me that she used to live near Gracelands and has ridden on Elvis’ favourite roller coaster in Memphis. At the end of the reading I felt like I’d just taken a spiritual journey on a heavenly roller coaster! Va va voom!


A departed mum made her laugh!

A woman’s departed mum came through in a reading. I heard her sing the lyrics from the Tammy Wynette hit, D-I-V-O-R-C-E. So I said to my client… ‘Did someone get divorced? I’m hearing Tammy Wynette singing (and I sang as I spoke) D-I-V-O-R-C-E’. She laughed and told me it was a family joke. Her dad had had surgery and when her mum (his wife) had visited him he was still delirious due to the anaesthetic and out of the blue he said ‘D-I-V-O-R-C-E… it’s all your fault!’ It became a family joke, especially with her mum.

AMAZING! The Sign Of The Frog

When doing a reading for a woman this evening, at one point Spirit showed me an image of a frog, or toad, so I said to my client: ‘A frog, or a toad… or possibly tadpoles, what does this mean?’. She replied: ‘Amazing! It’s my sign! I asked Spirit beforehand to give you a message about a frog as a sign!’ She’d specifically requested that I refer to a frog in the reading as evidence, so Spirit got me to do so as proof to her. (I never found out or asked what the frog meant.) Asking for a specific sign is not something I’d recommend as it could inadvertently block a reading, if a person focussed on one message alone, but in this case it didn’t seem to cause any problems.

Spirit Gives The Lotus Blessing

When doing a Skype reading for a caller to the USA this evening Spirit told me to tell her they were giving her the ‘Lotus Blessing’. I didn’t know what it meant, but she was very joyful at this message, telling me in response that she had just started a new spiritual project, with a website to promote her work – which includes the word lotus in its title! What a remarkable piece of evidence and a lovely inspiring message! Her departed uncle also came through, referencing the fact that he used to rescue stray cats in Hyderabad, India.

He Said Spirit was ‘Frickin incredible!’

A guy had a follow up reading with me this afternoon. He reminded me that in a reading I’d provided about 3 months ago Spirit had given me two female names. He told me since the reading he is now in a relationship with a woman who has as her first two names the first and second names Spirit had provided in the last reading. Lots of other amazing evidence was provided. He kindly exclaimed that the details communicated in the readings by Spirit was ‘Frickin incredible!’.


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